Thursday, May 28, 2009

a dad's toolbelt aren't seeing really is me posting! I am telling ya...end of the school year keeps a girl busy! I have not had any time to do any stamping! This afternoon I forced myself to sit down and make a card with the image I stamped a few days ago. I stamped this toolbelt and then let it sit cuz I didn't know what to do with it after that! Is this not the cutest/coolest toolbelt! I ordered this set 'Boys Will Be Boys' from Taylored Expressions late Friday night and it was in my mailbox Tuesday! This by far one of the cutest and best Father's Day sets I have ever seen!!! :) I can't wait to ink up more of the images!!! Have a fabulous weekend! I would love to say check back soon...but let's face it girls! It's not gonna happen till school is out! 4 1/2 more days...yippee!
chat at ya later!
what's in it?...
stamps...Boys Will Be Boys
paper...chocolate chip, creamy caramel, whisper white, cosmo cricket dsp
ink...creamy caramel, wild wasabi, real red, brocade blue, going gray, summer sun, black staz-on
accessories...pewter brads, chocolate felt ribbon, linen thread, crystal effects
other...dimensionals, distresser, stamp-a-ma-jig


Angie Tieman said...

Very cute card and so perfect for a guy!! Love the distressing, inky edges and felt ribbon, the perfect masculine touches!

Here's to summer kick-off! May the strength be with you! hee! hee!

MEL said...

Super cute! Masculine cards are tough you did a great job. I can't wait for summer to officially start too. I'm off but the kids aren't. :)

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

Okay, that is freaking cute. And paper called Chocolate Chip and a Chocolate ribbon...I am totally into this card! ;)

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