Friday, June 8, 2007

crackin' good fun

I am always impressed when I can figure out a new technique by myself w/o my Tiff. to walk me through it!! This one is called cracked was fun to do! You stamp your image & emboss it a few times with thick embossing powder, then throw it in the freezer...easy! Then when it's good and cold you bend it till it cracks in all the right places. I did quite a few cards after I figured it all out....I liked this one cuz it's fallish! And I am ready for it already!!


me said...

What a cool look! That's neat! I'm so NOT creative in this department but I might be inspired by you!! Thanks for sharing!

Super Angie said...

Holy Crap T! You are amazing. Ever think of selling some of your cards? I am totally interested in being your customer. GORGEOUS!!!


Tiffany said...

You never needed me for all the amazing stuff you do!! Your AWSOME, I miss not being able to do all these fun cards with you.. love ya!!