Tuesday, June 12, 2007

flowers even I can't kill!!

I made these with the big blossom stamp from the Sell-a-bration catalog. I had so much fun making my bouquet! Even I can't kill these ones...just a little dusting every now and again! This was the first embossing project for me too....since then I have been hooked! Love embossing!


Tiffany said...

Since you have both Big Blossom and the New set with petals (the name escapes me at the moment) I'm wondering if you could ink the BB then "kiss" it with the designed petals from the other set (brain still not processing name) Try it out for me and tell me how it works!!! Lots of love and super cute Flowers, Are they for floral arrangements for any up coming party?? LoL Love YOU!!! Tiff

me said...

TOO cute! This year it would be so fitting to give Shawn a paper boutonniere for Father's day! I bet he'd LOVE it and you'd be able to keep it forever! They are adorable!