Monday, August 10, 2009

Pencil Flowers

Hey's been a while! No good excuse just the same old story...busy, busy, busy! Shawners is gone this week in Puerto Rico (tough job huh?), Kailee is going to be at Girls Camp this week and so it will just be me and the boys! On Friday my mom, dad, sister and niece will all be here. They are visiting from Seattle! I can't wait till they get here and then for Kailee and Shawn to get home this weekend! I have some fun things planned! :)
At Girls Camp, all the girls are given a secret sister. Kailee has to leave 4 little gifts for her "secret sister" throughout the week. This is so fun to do...there is a $5.00 limit. I love that cuz then we have to be super creative to think of some fun things! This is one of the gifts we made. We used a little vase I have had sitting in my "had to have and couldn't leave the store without it and now it's collecting dust on a shelf" stash! We used the Kaleidoscope dsp. After the pencils were done we finished the vase off with an "S" for her name.
Gotta run...I am taking Austin to see Transformers 2, he still hasn't seen it yet and I told him I would take him since I know he will be a huge help to me this week as the "Man of the House"! :)
Hope you have a great at ya later!
what's in it?...
stamps...Whimsical alphabet
paper...Kaleidoscope dsp, whisper white
ink...tempting turquoise galore brads, styled silver hardware, silver flower brad, yellow corduroy brad, turquoise ribbon
other...pencils, pen, sticky strip, 1 inch circle punch, sticky strip


Angie Tieman said...

How cool!!! I love these fun pencils, I feel a case coming on!

AMIT said...

How beautiful.It must be a hard work from you.

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