Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Secret Sister Goodies

Origami Box
Candy Treat Boxes (with the twisty ends)
Here are a couple of the other goodies we made for Kailee's secret sister this week at camp. We called the mom and asked her a few questions about what some of the favorites were. She told us any kind of candy that is not chocolate (which is good becuz it wouldn't have survived in this Texas heat!) and that her favorite colors were blue, peach and pink. So we made the Origami Box and filled it with Jolly Ranchers. The twisty boxes are ones that were shown on the demo side of the Stampin' Up! website. If you are interested in the template just email me and I will share it with you! :) The twisty boxes are filled with Skittles and Dum Dums! I made these boxes can check this post to see a picture of the whole thing.
Have a great evening and great day tomorrow! Thanks for coming by!
chat at ya later!
what's in it?...
stamps...Great Friend
paper...Tall Tales dsp, baja breeze, cameo coral, whisper white, Walk in the Park dsp
ink...baja breeze, cameo coral, basic grey
accessories...Summer Love Rub-Ons, grey ribbon, so saffron ribbon, diamond stickles
other...Modern Label punch, dimensionals, sticky strip


Anonymous said...

Kailee's secret sister is a lucky girl!! These are too cute!


AMIT said...

Its a cute one.She will like it.

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