Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kyler's box

OK...so I hate when I don't have anything new to share! I want to be stamping soooo badly {I have 2 new orders of stuff just calling out at me from my stamp table} but it is not to be! Not yet anyway....I have just been way to busy trying to get life back in order after my time away in September, getting the kids back into the swing of things after the time they were out from the hurricane, still recovering from 2 birthdays and my sweet hubby has left town for 2 weeks!! So these few pictures I am posting are the closest thing to stamping I have done in a while!!
Kyler had an assignment he brought home...it was a family project. We had to decorate this box to keep at home. It's his "book box" to keep all his books that he makes and brings home throughout the year! {personally I thought this idea was brilliant! I only wish Ms. Rigling...or myself...would've thought of this 2 years ago with Tyson} My boys LOVE to keep everything they bring home and Tyson still has most of his book from kindergarten. Kyler will now have a place to keep his and I can keep my sanity! :) Everyone wins!
So Kyler and I went to the Archiver's and he picked out this paper...I helped by showing him all the coordinating ones that went with the one he chose. :) We brought it home, he helped glue the paper down, he cut the ribbon and did the stapling. {if you look close you can see the staples} So there you have it...the extent of my creativity these days!!
Hope you enjoy...I would love to say check back soon I will have lots to share...but I'll be honest...I just don't know when I am gonna get to it!
so be patient...& I will chat at ya later!
what's in it?...
some paper, ribbon and some staples!


TamTam said...

Kyler has such a terrific mom! Love the box and can't wait to read the books in it!!

MEL said...

Cute! I agree, Ms. Rigling should have thought of this when Tyson and Andrew were in her class. I have a neat idea for keeping together artwork. Let me know if your interested in hearing about it. I hear you on stamping!!! I don't have anythime either. I too have piles of stuff I've been unable to "play" with.:)

Angie Tieman said...

How cute! And what a great idea! Love how he helped you with it!

Tiffany said...

NO WAY!! I was just telling Bailey that we need to make her a box to keep all of her work and "creations" in so that they aren't laying around the house all of the time! This is perfect!! There you go again Rockin!!!