Thursday, January 24, 2008

a teaser!...

Today was cold & rainy & blustery!! A perfect day to spend indoors stamping, crafting & reading by the fire! I ran to Hobby Lobby to grab a few supplies & then headed home to get busy! I made something that I have been wanting to make a for a little while now!...BUT you are going to have to wait a day or two to see it! I know it's just mean isn't it!'s all finished I think...I have been tweaking it all day!! I am going to wait to see if I can get some better lighting before I post the pics though...{wanna hint?...part of my project is in the picture.} and speaking of the picture...when I finally made it to the park with the kids to take Christmas card pictures ( which was after Christmas) I took a bunch of black and white ones, just messin' around. I found one of each of the kids that I liked & decided to frame them...after they they were framed & set up I thought ya know...Kailee's picture needs something girlie to separate her from all those I found these cute flowers at the Target dollar spot and they were perfect! A little color & a little bling!! I punched holes right in the picture to attach the flowers & brads...& the glass fit over them, no problem. Anyway...make sure to check back to see what my project is & hopefully you will like it that I have it all built up!! You guys are awesome...thanks for checkin' in & leaving such sweet comments!!


Tiffany said...

You Tease!! I can't wait!!

cyndi said...

ohhhh flowers at the target dollar spot?!?!?! recently????
i want some badly!