Thursday, December 4, 2008

hope this help!!

Hi to all my blogger friends out there in cyberworld!! :) I so appreciate you checking out my blog and all the kind comments you leave! You know how to make a girls day! :)
So many of you have asked about these snowflakes----> and want to know how to make them! Here is a link to the video I watched! Monica Gale makes beautiful I love her accent!
Listed below are a few other links to some directions and tutorials. Here are a few things I did with mine and then you can go to town on your own!!!
I used 3x3 squares to make my snowflakes. I also used glue dots for my adhesive, double stick tape isn't strong enough, it eventually comes use something with some stick power! I only did 5 squares but 6 works too!
tutorial #1...shows photos and written instructions
tutorial #2...shows photos and written instructions
tutorial #3...written instructions and diagrams (I folded mine the way this tutorial shows)
video...this one goes fast so watch close
Hope that this helps for all of you who wanted to make these! They are fun, super cute and really not that hard...just takes a little time!
chat at ya later!! :)

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