Sunday, July 13, 2008

...for the bride

I made this yesterday for the bride to be...I had a bridal shower I went to. I was in a hurry and so quickly snapped these pictures after I was done so I could go get ready. I forgot to take a picture of the inside...I had already tied the knot and put in the pin and I didn't want to mess it up! It took me a coupe tries to get the knot just the way I wanted it so the pin would sit the way I wanted it to! there was NO WAY that I was undoing it for a picture...sorry! Inside though I made a little slot for the gift card and I folded it 3 ways so it opened a little more fun than just a regular card. I colored in the image with blender pens and cut out the bouquet and added stickles so it stood out a little more. In the picture the celery paper looks a little bright but the actual card was really pretty and it was more I said I was in a hurry! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!
chat at ya later!
what's in it?...
stamps...To Have and To Hold
paper...certainly celery, chocolate chip, kraft, very vanilla
ink...close to cocoa, certainly celery, so saffron, going gray
accessories...diamond stickles, chocolate satin ribbon, pretties kit (hat pin and beads)
other...stamp-a-ma-jig, blender pens, corner rounder, slit punch, sponge


At Home In Georgia said...

This is beautiful! The pin adds the touch. Love the colors too.

Angie Tieman said...

This is sooo pretty! Love the little frame you made for the sentiment and that yummy ribbon and stick pin! I just sure wish I could see the inside! ha! ha! I couldn't resist! *wink*

Tiffany said...

So Pretty!! I love this set, yet I still dont have it!! Hugs,

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