Friday, July 4, 2008

my crafty place

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!! We are getting ready for our BBQ, fireworks, games and all sorts of fun with the kids! Shawn took the kiddos for a bike ride while I stayed behind with Kyler. (he is resting) So I thought I would take a minute to post a few pics of my stamp area. I have had so many comments and questions and people wanting to see the rest of my space after posting the pictures of my "create" that I put up on my wall. I can't quite understand it, it's just a place that gets the job done. Don't get me wrong, I love my space...I have come a long way from the days of pulling out totes and leaving messes on the kitchen table! It's nice to have a place to call my own! I will say that I always have my space this clean. I cannot function if it gets messy...I like to keep it clean and's one of those things where I am pretty "Monkish"! Anyway...enjoy the pics! I hope you have a fantabulous 4th of July and enjoy the long weekend!!!
chat at ya later!...I got the shelves that are on the wall from IKEA. I stocked up so that I would have enough storage as I keep accumulating stuff. Since I don't need it all now I just keep some of the cards that I make on there. The bookshelf I got at Target.
I recently took my bulletin board down to make more room for my punches so it's on the floor for now till I decided where I want it.This is where I kinda hide my messes and keep extra things. The drawers hold my 12x12 papers my scrap kits and some scrap papers. I got these at Walmart. I need more though so I am gonna get 2 more to stack next to these ones. The file folders by the table legs are my scraps of for each color family. I find it easiest to just keep it right near me and the floor works well.
This is where all my stuff is that I always need access too. Punches, ink pads, ribbons, tools, etc. I got the ribbon holder and the other hanging shelf at Archivers. The shelf that holds my ink pads is from IKEA. (same as the shelves from the other picture)
Where I sit. I love that I can look out the window and watch the kids or just see what's going on in the neighborhood.
These shelves hold the stamps I use the most, my ink pads, cards to display and some punches. This is where things go that I use's my easy access wall!


Angie Tieman said...

Great space! I wish I had some of your "Monkish" qualities and could keep my space that neat! TFS!

corinnesomerville said...

OH MY GOSH !!! I love your space...I'm SOOOOO jealous !!!!! But I'm still really happy for you :)

Love ya :)

Tiffany said...

Thanks!! I know it's a little obssesive of us! It's fun to see how far each of us have come in our Stamping Adventures, I love your rods for your punches, Im starting to run out of shelf space so I might have to adopt the idea.. Hugs,

Barb Mann said...

Thanks Tara for sharing your special stamping space. Those shelves from Ikea for your ink pads are perfect! Sure wish I had some more wall space.

Sarah said...

Soo jealous! I really love your room and how you have everything where it needs to be. You know, any time you need somebody to come invade your space, I'd be more than happy to! I also babysit.. hahah! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Awesome stamping space!!!
Thanks for sharing!