Tuesday, August 21, 2007

tag...your it...again

So, I was tagged by my dear friend Emily...you can see her cute blog here. I never quite know what to say so I am going to do just some of the old standards of "what's you favorite"?...
food- Tacos...hands down, then a close 2nd would be anything Mexican!
drink- diet coke...only I have recently decided to kick the habit of drinking way to many (I won't say how many, cuz it's just bad)...so I am hoping that water will make this list soon! Oh...a diet cherry limeade from Sonic...yum!
color- I like a lot of colors, but I love a pretty green!
movie- A League of their Own (because it's the first movie I remember laughing really, really hard at)
t.v. show- all time favorite...Friends...but right now has to be Grey's Anatomy
guilty pleasure- anything chocolate!!!!!!!!!
sport- basketball
season- fall....cool weather, all the gorgeous colors, Halloween, leaves falling off trees, kids going back to school ;), I could go on and on
things to do- so many...stamping, scrapbooking, baking/cooking, bubble baths, car races, listening to music, staying in pj's when it rains, decorating for the holidays...I'll stop there...or it could go on for a long time!
dream job- besides my current one of being a mom...I have two... 1)I would love to be on a design team for a stamp company and 2)own a cupcake/cookie shop!!...how cool would that be if I could figure out how to combine the two...being around cupcakes all day while being crafty!! :) :) {big smiles}
So now it's my turn to tag a few gals....so I will Tag Angie T. & Megan B. & Jenn D. & Corinne S. aka Roxy ;)
You girls are great...


corinnesomerville said...

Ahhhhhh Tara....you're so sweet !! I'll take your challenge and post my answers in the next couple of days !!

Have a great day, kiddo

Megan said...

Tag huh...You know if anyone challenges me to anything I am all over it. That competitive side of me is still there...fading...but still there. So dumb question, how do you add the other blogs you like to visit on your page. I've tried, but I don't think I am doing it right. Help me, my gifted friend!