Thursday, August 23, 2007

what do you think?...

This isn't a new card...I posted it a few weeks ago. (if you want card details you can find them here) I didn't make anything new to show you cuz I was working on making a watermark for my pics! So here is a pic with the watermark on it...tell me what you think...any helpful hints or things you think could look better? This was my first attempt so I am open to suggestions...thanks for helpin'! I am going to bed now...I was so excited to play around with this I totally did not notice the's almost 1:00AM...eek!
:) ... {hugs & yawns} Tara


Vicki C said...

You do Beautiful work Tara! Thanks for checking out my blog. I put you in for the giveaway.
ps.. and thanks for linking my blog

emilyshaw said...

i like the watermark! sweet and simple. good job!